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GBS Stories

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Many thanks to the parents and grandparents who have shared their families’ experiences on the linked pages to help prevent GBS disease in other babies. Please learn from their experiences and feel free to share your own story in one of these categories to help and inspire others:

Babies with GBS Disease – Stories of babies who have become infected by GBS before birth up to several months of age.

Subsequent Pregnancies – How you are coping emotionally in a subsequent pregnancy after you have had a baby with GBS disease and the steps you are taking to help ensure a healthy GBS-free baby.

“Rainbow” Babies  – (page under construction – please check back) Stories of healthy siblings born after a baby with GBS disease to encourage other parents to not let GBS rob them of having more  children/starting a family.


If you have chronic GBS vaginitis and would like to gain support from other women (pregnant and non-pregnant), consider joining this listserve on Yahoo!