Group B Strep (GBS) is a big deal!

Approximately 1 in 4 pregnant women carry GBS, the leading cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) GBS can also infect babies during pregnancy and the first few months of life.

Not all babies exposed to GBS become infected, but, for those who do, the results can be devastating. GBS can cause babies to be miscarried, stillborn, born prematurely, become very sick, have lifelong handicaps, or die.  Even babies born to moms who test negative can become infected by group B strep.

Fortunately there are many ways to help protect babies from group B Strep. This website contains resources for you to learn more about GBS and help prevent its devastating effects.

July is International Group B Strep Awareness Month

July ribbonlogo

Help us make others aware of GBS and how to prevent GBS infections in babies around the globe! Here’s some ideas to get you started ~

~ Download the July awareness ribbon logo (also available in Spanish!) and post it on your social media and blog pages

~ Download our awareness banner for your website and ask your workplace to upload it to their website as well

~ Request our GBS brochures and GBS status cards to give to pregnant women/new moms in your community—they are also available as downloads! Our latest brochure revision has a cutoff portion with the symptoms of GBS infection so that it can be posted for all of the baby’s caregivers!

~ Ask your pregnancy provider to request our GBS brochures and GBS status cards (ideally both can be given at the second prenatal visit with the result of the first visit’s urine culture filled out on the GBS status card) as well as our tear sheets for both GBS positive and GBS negative women (designed to be given when they receive their 35-37 week GBS test result.) Even women who test negative need to know about GBS!

~ Request website links to GBSI! Use our link request template if you’d like and email your request to your local health departments, medical providers, and women’s health websites.

Click here for more ways you can help create awareness in your community!

Follow GBSI ~ now on Twitter @GroupBStrep!

Upcoming Events & News

New research shows meningitis is babies still needs to be tackled by the Meningitis Research Foundation

July 30 ~ GBSI will be exhibiting at the March of Dimes’ Becoming a Mom™/Comenzando bien® Training at the California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities in Los Angeles, CA. Click here for registration info!

August 2014

August 16 ~ Leah’s Legacy/GBSI will have an exhibit table at the Babypalooza Baby and Maternity Expo at the BJCC South Exhibit Hall in Birmingham, AL. This event will be from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM and attendance is free! Please click here for more info. This event is organized in memory of Leah who lived only 6 days due to prenatal-onset GBS disease.

August 30 ~ Jalen’s Gift Foundation will be hosting a Pregnancy and Infant Care Health Fair in Henderson, NV including information on group B strep disease prevention! Please click their Health Fair Flyer for more info—Jalen’s parents have organized this foundation in memory of their son who was stillborn due to GBS.

September 2014

September 18-21 ~ GBSI will be giving six presentations at the 2014 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS, and Baby Survival at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Presentation topics include:

Development of Putative Working Definitions of Prenatal-onset Group B Streptococcal (P-OGBS) Invasive Disease Using “Internet Commons” Group B Strep (GBS) Parent and Provider Sources, and

Preventing Intrauterine Infection/Inflammation: The Synergy of Parents, Health Care Professionals, and Researchers Partnering in Creating a Research Agenda

October 2014

October is Prenatal-onset GBS Recognition Month


Most medical literature refers to two types of GBS disease in babies: early-onset (the first week of life) and late-onset (after the first week of life through several months of age). However, GBS can infect babies BEFORE birth causing miscarriage/stillbirth, preterm birth, and babies born very sick at birth.  Please visit our webpage on Prenatal-onset GBS Disease for more information!

October 4 ~ Leah’s Legacy’s second annual “Run for Their Lives” will be held in Bessemer, AL to held raise funds for Leah’s Legacy many projects including their partnership with GBSI to distribute materials to all pregnant women throughout the State of Alabama.  Click here to learn more about their partnership and here to register!

February 2015

gbs-intl_logo heart_FebruaryFebruary is Prenatal Infection Prevention Month! Click here for our resource page.

June 2015

June 26-30 ~ GBSI will be exhibiting at the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) conference in National Harbor, MD. This will be our fourth year exhibiting at ACNM!

October 2015

October 9-14 ~ GBSI will be exhibiting at the XXI FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Vancouver, Canada.  This will be GBSI’s second time exhibiting at this triennial conference!



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