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Create GBS Awareness in Your Community & Workplace – Group B Strep International

Create GBS Awareness in Your Community & Workplace

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Plan how to create GBS awareness in your community!


1) Distribute GBS Brochures and Materials  –  Please click here to order/download our GBS brochures and other materials to distribute in your community or workplace. Our website banner is also available from our download page if your workplace would like to create GBS awareness on their website as well.


2) Contact Newspaper Articles/TV News Reports  –  Call the health editor of your local newspaper and/or news station to tell them your GBS story. Contact GBSI if you need contact info for a provider in your area who is proactive in GBS prevention as reporters also usually include information from a medical professional. Don’t forget to send a link to the news coverage of your story to GBSI!

Here’s an example of what some GBS parents have done to get the word about GBS out there: After losing newborn, Birmingham couple’s foundation and 5K keeps families on guard against lesser-known disease


3) Make GBS Awareness Ribbons  for GBSI– Awareness ribbons are needed on an ongoing basis to fill our orders. They are fun to make with a group of friends and family and  great for public interest stories in your local paper.  Please visit our GBS Awareness Ribbons Page for illustrated directions and suggestions as to where to purchase materials.


4) Write Letters-to-the-Editor  – Tell your story and emphasize that all pregnant women should be informed about group B strep and how to help protect their babies throughout pregnancy and early infancy.


5) Pregnancy Boards/Blogs/Websites for Women’s Health – Contribute accurate GBS information to these sources for women’s health information and post links to GBSI’s resources.


6) Request Website Links to GBSI! – Copy and paste our request to link to our website and email it to your local health departments, medical providers, and women’s health websites.


7) GBS Awareness Month Proclamation in Your City – Although July is recognized on the US National Health Observance Calendar as International Group B Strep Awareness Month, it’s important that it be recognized on the community level as well. Please call your local city hall to find out their procedures. Our downloadable GBS Awareness Month proclamation template is available here for you to customize in memory/honor of your own baby.


8) Contact GBSI at with your successes to inspire other parents and providers!


9) Contact GBSI at with your challenges – GBS disease awareness and prevention is a team effort!
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Help spread group B strep awareness! Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterEmail this to someoneShare on Google+